Jenn + Andy | Palm Event Center Wedding

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Jenn + Andy | Palm Event Center Wedding

With wedding season finally calming down, we now have a chance to catch up with blogging. Here is the wedding of Jenn and Andy at the Palm Event Center in Pleasanton. Andy and Jenn have been friends since high school and reconnected again in college. Andy pursued Jenn but she played hard to get at first. 6 Months to be exact! From the day they started going out to when he proposed it took exactly 6 years. Do you notice a magic number? According to Jenn’s sister, her theory is that Andy made Jenn wait 1 year for every month she made him wait in the beginning of their relationship. Not sure if the theory is true, but definitely a funny coincidence!

We had a great time filming Jenn and Andy’s wedding. Their day was filled with laughs and tears. I don’t think their was a dry eye during the ceremony. We hope that you enjoy their film and make sure to have a tissue ready at hand.


Wedding Videographer: Hit Maker Films                                                                            
Venue: Palm Event Center
Photography: Justin & Keary Weddings

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